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Africa Call NGO
is a non profit organization, inspired by principles of human solidarity.

Africa Calls International works towards fighting the cause of poverty and social injustice and for the building of a world in which all are guaranteed dignity, human rights and equal opportunity.

Aim of the association is to operate for the integral promotion of man in all parts of the world, contributing to the implementation of the principles ratified by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and giving priority to basic rights: health, housing and education.

The organization operates in the sector of:

  • Malnutrition ( 21 nutritional centres and 14 school canteens)
  • Hospitality (7 centres for street children and 1 pre-nursery)
  • Education (2 schools, 4 social centres and providing school fees)
  • Health assistance (2 centres for physiotherapy for disabled children, anti HIV AIDS therapy, infant and maternal health, physiotherapy for disabled children)
  • Microfinance for small projects for self sustaince of the poor families


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